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We offer you model line of fans useful for underground, ground, industrial and mining utilization.

Blades of fan are moulded of aluminium ASTM A356, sections of impellers are designed for high productivity at minimal noise level and high level of wearing capacity at extremal conditions of work.
Standart cone-shaped cartridge makes it easy to take away and re-instal of rotor.
Due to the easy access to the blade fastening nuts it is very easy to adjust impeller tilt angle.
High-quality assembling makes it available to obtain the minimum clearance of 3-5 mm between body and blades. This gives maximum efficiency of the fan.
All the parts of the fans are made of durable, corrosion-resistant materials and it is available to paint them any colour at the Customer's request

All the production is registered under the ISO 9002 certification mark since 2000. All the assortment of fans is thoroughly tested.


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