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  Montabert perforators\ HC production run

Our main task is to define needs of the customers of ours and to give them high-quality production which allows them obtain reducing of consumers expenditure and maintenance costs.

We perform the following five major tasks when offer you production of IR Montabert  with perforator production run HC:

  1. Prolongation of service time.
  2. Boring top speed.
  3. Increasing of power without increasing of pressure in hydraulic system.
  4. Reduction of noise level when using perforator.
  5. Reduction of maintenance costs.

IR Montabert - production run HC

Operators of perforators HC production run enumerate the following advantages of using these perforators: ease of operation, increasing of boring speed, low noise level.

IR Montabert perforator of the third generation of HC production run is a powerful valve perforator with fine adjustment of strike power. Fine adjustment is useful for better work depending on different strength of rock and longer terms of service.

The given perforator was made for underground and ground usage. It is very easy-to-work with lowered noise-level. Montabert perforator takes front line in its class of perforators. Using this perforator you will reduce you maintenance costs and increase time of service between repair.

It can be explained in terms of such simple example. There are no inside catches tightening perforator in the perforators of HC production run. There are used bolts inside the body. Such bolts do not tend to untwist or to stretch. It is necessary to tighten bolts at regular intervals in similar perforators made by Tamrock and Atlas CopCo for to prevent body damages.

Power recovery system takes power of kickbacking and collects it in accumulators for using next time.

Accumulator should be recharged only in 250 hours. Similar accumulators require such maintenance every week. The body of the given perforator is wearproof and it is available to use it several times.

Working power of perforator can be adjusted by changing piston model depending on soil condition using the following table:

Piston model

Slurry consumption for rotation, liter per minute

Slurry comsumption for boring, liter per minute

Top pressure of boring, Bar

Pressure in accumulators, Bar

Frequency of beats per minute

Diameter of boring head, mm

Water pressure, Bar


30 - 47





51 - 102



30 - 47





48 - 102



30 - 47





48 - 102


D piston is for work with hard rock.
E piston is for work with average and hard rock (90% usage)
F piston is for work with very soft rock (statistically there is just 2% usage).
E piston is the most spread model all over the world and it is used in 90% occasions.

Features and advantages of Montabert perforator:

Features Advantages

Low maintenance costs.
Perforator has got great opportunities. This is because of realization of beat of shank, which is hydraulically balanced. It absorbs cycle type of beat caused by kickback of perforator and keep inside parts from vibration.   .

Low vibration:
Using of kickback power provides longer terms of service of parts and to decrease necessity in maintenance. Also, there is advantage in reducing maintenance costs for hydraulic sleeves, pins and boom bushings.

New system of hydraulic valve:
A portion of power which is not fully absorbed by rock automatically goes for another cycle of beats. A part of slurry was used in previous cycle can be used in next one. Frequency of beats as well as operation hydraulic pressure is increased. That is why the recovery of power is available.

Recirculation of power:
Energy of ricochet is re-directed in circulation. The valve of energy recovering makes it possible to use energy of ricochet for next cycle. Decreasing of vibration and better effectiveness are obtained again.

Better level of boring:
Due to the maximum dispatch of beat wave progressive energy of beat reduces losses of beat wave at the bar. It is obtained by the piston with the same diameter. The great portion of beat energy is transmitted to the boring head without fatigue of perforator. This gives better work and longer terms of service of perforator.

Hydraulic shock-absorber:
It reduces maintenance terms of perforator. This device is situated behind the shank and absorbs beat wave of ricochet. Thus, the mass of vibration transmitted to the feed, boom and all the body is reduced.

Low noise level:
Noise level is about 101-103 decibel. It is 3-4 decibels less then similar perforators have.

Low operation pressure:
Maximum operation pressure is 135 Bar. This means less occasions of tension, wear-out and higher dependability of components of hydraulic system as well as decrease of risk of hydraulic sleeves damage.

- The best quality of work using lower pressure of beat;
- Longer terms of service of boring tools;
- Reducing of boring cost price;
- More opportunities;
- Longer terms of service of components of perforator;
- Low vibrations. That means reducing of maintenance costs of perforator, boom and the whole machine;
- Low noise level;
- Low level of heating
All that stated above means that you will be possible to obtain higher speed of boring, more safe work and low cost price of boring.

Performance Attributes:




Weight (without shank)

102 kg (224 Ib)

142 kg (312 lb.)

Length (without shank)

826 mm (32.5 in)

1095 mm (43.8 in)

Height regarding the axis

83 mm (14.3 in)

78 mm (3.12 in)

Total width (including hoses)

364 mm (14,3 in)

336 mm (13.44 in)

Slurry consumption for boring (max)

from 60 to105 liter/min

from 110 to 140  liter/min

Slurry consumption for rotation (max)

from 20 to 30 liter/min

from 20 to 47 liter/min

Operation pressure (max)

from 75 bar to 150 bar

from 85 bar to 140 bar

Perforator power (max)

24,5 kWt

35,4 kWt

Number of beats per minute

2620 / 3380

2010 / 3480

Speed of rotation(turn/minute)

120 - 230

195 - 250

Rinse (liter/min)



Rinse pressure

8-12 Bar (116-174 psi)   

8-12 Bar (116-174 psi)

Suggested sizes of boring tools

32/38 mm

38/45 mm

Suggested diameter of bore heads

32 64 mm

48 102 mm

Pressure in air accumulators

4 - 40 Bar

4 - 40 Bar

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