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"Polycorp Inc" rubber linings for ball mills.

"Polycorp Inc" is a company, producing moulded, stamped and calendered rubber production for the purposes of mining industry and transport. "Polycorp Inc" gives a great choice of high-quality production that is being delivered from 1968 year. The premises of the company are situated in the very centre of the biggest indusry-zone in the south part of Ontario province. Production of "Polycorp Inc" is used by all the mining companies all over the world. Due to the big experience at the world market of rubber linings business (including production , designing and modelling) "Polycorp Inc" has got number of advantages such as: 

  • Reducing costs of lining producing (per one tonn of treated material)
  • High lining strength (reducing idle time of mill)
  • Increasing of crushing mills output
  • Reducing of noise when using mill
  • Less weight of lining (economy of power)
  • Reducing of production cost price

Production of the company is made of high-quality artificial self made caoutchouc and the production is designed by computers. An unique range of production includes moulded rubber sheets, calendered green coverages and various pressed rubber sheets. This allow "Polycorp Inc" perform any orders.
The linings we offer, are suitable for usage on the "wet-method" mills of 2 (ore size before 50 mm) and third grade of ore reduction. The price of order includes installation of lining.
Using our lining you will obtain decreasing of idle time and reducing of production cost price.
During the years "Polycorp Inc" installed lots of linings all over the world and proved advisability of rubber linings usage.

Advantages of rubber linings.
First time rubber linings were used in mining industry many years ago. That time there were lots of discussions on theme whether rubber linings are better linings made of metal. There were many arguments for and against rubber, because its quality did not satisfied the requirments of working process in rugged environment completely. Nowadays the quality of rubber production is much better than 10-15 years ago (you can see it by the example of car tires: first time they served 15-20 thousands km, and their service race is 60-80 or more thousands km). That is why nowadays usage of rubber linings gives great number of beneficial effects and every year more and more people use them.
Weight of rubber linings is 5 times less than metal.

As the result the following advantages can be shown:

  1. Increasing of mill parts (bearings, worm-gear, gear wheels) lifetime
  2. Lining mounting hole does not break
  3. Decreasing of strain to the engine when starting mill
  4. Increasing of engine lifetime
  5. Savings on electric power costs
  6. Decreasing mill idle time (replacement of lining takes you just 2-3 days depending on the lining size)
  7. More safety when installing or replacing parts
  8. Service time of rubber lining is longer than metal ones
  9. Higher quality of grinding (it is the result of modification of lifters for every single mill)

Influence of lifter profile on the mill work

At the figure 1 you can see that usage of rubber linings combined with correct choice in choosing lifter profile helps mill work at the speed point 65% of critical with same effect as when you use mill with metal lining at the speed point 75% of critical.

1 Critical speed of mill is a speed when capacity (due to the centrifugal force) keeps at the wall and move at the speed of mill without grinding ore.

Lifters modifications:

For increasing of mill oputput and quality of grinding, they use different modifications of wireframe lifters depending on the mill size, its rotation speed and some other operation factors.

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Engine power (h.p.):
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Diameter of balls using in the mill, mm:
Diameter of feeding hole, m
Diameter of discharge hole, m:
Type of feeding (side/centre):
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Size of feeding ore:
Index of abrasive (from 1 to 10 or B.o.T/tonn):
Work level in the mill (percentage of mill load):
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Number of holes for balls re-installation:
Number of workhours per day, per week:
Material, seizes and durability of components (for today):
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